Get the Air Jordan 4 'Bred ReImagined' for retail in EU/UK

Get the Air Jordan 4 'Bred ReImagined' for retail in EU/UK

The Air Jordan 4 'Reimagined Bred' is releasing on February 17th and is likely to have an early drop soon which will sell out quickly! Looking to be part of team-early? Here's what you need to know about the expected EU/UK early launch, what stock numbers are and how you can get what-might-be sneaker of the year 2024 for retail.

The Air Jordan 4 Retro Bred is coming back for the first time since 2019, this time in a ReImagined look. Nike is on a mission to bring back OG and classic Air Jordan Retros but with a fresh take, like the Lost and Found Air Jordan 1s.

The 2024 Air Jordan 4 'Bred ReImagined' is next in line for the ReImagined series and is releasing on 17/02/2024 for a retail price of €220 and is coming in full family sizing.

How many pairs are dropping?

Around 550,000 pairs have been made in total for mens sizes, making it a general release. However, even with this many pairs, we still expect most sizes to go out of stock nearly right away due to the high demand for Air Jordan 4s and especially this colorway.

Just look at the stock numbers for SNKRS EU/UK and compare it to the total amount. A good amount of pairs will be dropping, but don't expect it to be easy. You can find out how exactly how many pairs are expected to release on the SNKRS app in Europe / UK below:

Where can I get a pair for retail?

The 2024 Air Jordan 'Bred' will be dropping on the EU/UK SNKRS app and select Jordan retailers on February 17th.You will find more info on getting this pair for retail in the Stashed discord

Besides the general release on February 17th, we may also see a shock drop and/or exclusive access soon! More on that below.

The early release on the SNKRS app

It's now confirmed, the early release is taking place tomorrow, February 12th, on the EU/UK SNKRS app! Around 15,000 pairs will be up for grabs. Make sure you're in the Stashed discord to be one of the first to know so you don't see 'Just Missed 'Em' tomorrow. It's unknown whether it's going to be a shock drop or Exclusive Access, but we'll keep you updated. 

It’s also BY FAR the easiest way to cop the Air Jordan 4 'Bred ReImagined' for retail.

Shock Drops that take place on SNKRS EU/UK are never announced before. That means that the competition is nowhere near as much as on release day.

It makes it easy to get a pair for, or even double up. You could also take the opportunity to stock some pairs for your sneaker business and to show you got the heat and are part of team-early. But...

that's IF you know before all the other people in line looking to get this pair for retail instead of paying resell prices.

Keep in mind, Nike does not send you a notification when they shock drop limited releases like this.

That's where we come into play.

We have a network and connections that give us access like nobody else in the European and UK sneaker world.

We share this access with you in the Stashed membership, giving you a front-row seat to hyped and and limited releases like this one. 

It means you get the exclusive info and early headsup before it's shared by anyone and anywhere else. We're making getting limited EU/UK releases easy and fun again.

The sneaker game isn't fair with most retailers backdooring and every hyped release feeling impossible to get.

Becoming a Stashed member gets you the unfair advantage by having early access to release details not even the biggest sneaker pages in Europe know about.

To give you an example of exactly how much of a front-row seat and early access we give you as a Stashed member...

Click here to read how we got the April Skateboards x Nike SB Dunk Low BEFORE release date and UNDER retail as easy as buying a Nike Dunk Low that's sitting at most stores!

You can become part of the Stashed membership community for less than €0,95 per day which means you can start copping hyped and sold out pairs for retail as early as TODAY.

Click here to see if the membership is available. 


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