Exclusive info, stay in the know 👀

We're known for being one of the only, if not the only, to have inside info for events like SNKRS day or SNKRS Live restocks.

Nike told you to turn on notifications... As Stashed member you'll know and get notified about the heat and how it's dropping before Nike even mentions it.

Investing in sneakers

If you’re a real sneakerhead, you’ve definitely looked back at a pair you sold and seen prices skyrocketed. It’s because you weren't a Stashed member yet. We tell our members which pairs and sizes they should buy and hold.

That means you will NO longer miss out on great sneaker investments and lost profit.

And the best part yet? You don’t need any bots or spend hours trying to get a pair and still miss out Check out our best sneaker investments below.

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Stock numbers for Nike and SNKRS drops

Know exactly which sizes have most pairs in stock and make copping drops on Nike & SNKRS easier.

This is available exclusively to Stashed members

Stock numbers are EU only!

Create and grow your collection

What do resellers, collectors and OG sneakerheads have in common? They all want to create and grow a dope collection that earns respect.

The Stashed membership provides the exact tools needed to create and grow your collection of limited and hyped sneakers.

Not just that, we help you create a collection that keeps and grows in value!

Collection by Stashed member @leavimitchells

  • Stashed is no doubt the best route for catching restocks

    "Stashed is no doubt the best route for catching restocks, shock drops, stock numbers, and exclusive access! I’ve been able to cop sneakers on multiple occasions at retail. I am very satisfied with being apart of the Stashed discord!"

    - @zsneakerheadz


  • Stashed is a top tier group that focuses on results for their members

    "Stashed is a top tier group that focuses on results for their members. They constantly update and improve which is very important for a group. Their backdoor service and early info is what stands out to me and constant communication with their members."

    - @streetwear.stockmarket

  • stashed membership review travis scott x nike backdoor

    Great way to get started with reselling

    Joined Stashed about 2 years ago. They helped me cop manually, helped me find my first bot and have been a big help in my reselling journey.

    Nowadays I cop every release, multiple pairs most of the time. They also host backdoors. I won a Jordan 1 Low Travis Scott x Fragment for way under resell price and a Jordan 1 High Patent Bred close to retail!


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Frequently asked questions

Why is the Stashed membership a must-have for resellers or collectors?

The sneaker game is no longer what it used to be. Everything is selling out in seconds. Our membership makes getting limited sneakers and growing a collection easier and fun again.

Can I cop manually with my phone?


Will the membership help me if I just got started reselling or collecting sneakers?

Absolutely! Within a few weeks you'll know everything there is to know. Whether you want to use bots, start your own reselling page or just want to get more pairs . We've got the tools to get you the W's you're looking for.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime.

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