We tricked Nike into selling us 2,500 pairs of unreleased April Skateboards x SB Dunk Lows

We tricked Nike into selling us 2,500 pairs of unreleased April Skateboards x SB Dunk Lows

We bypassed Nike's system, were able to order more than half of Nike's inventory, got them before release day and under retail. We helped Stashed members get over 2,500 pairs in a span of 3 hours. This is one of the craziest events that took place in the sneaker world this year. Here's what happened, how we did it and how you can join us.

The April Skateboards x Nike SB Dunk Low is possibly the biggest sneaker collab of 2023. They’re releasing November 27th at select skateshops and on the SNKRS app in Europe. We usually see Exclusive Access for hyped/high demand releases like this that are selling for double or sometimes even triple its retail price. Yesterday at exactly 1.14 PM CET we noticed something strange, the SB Dunk Low ‘April Skateboards’ showed up in our Nike EU restock monitor that notifies us about restocks, changes in stock and more.

After checking, it appears the amount of inventory available went down to around 2,500 pairs. This is usually means Nike is preparing for an early release through Exclusive Access (to reward it’s active and real sneakerhead fans). What we didn’t know yet is that Nike messed up their system and that pairs were available on a First Come First Served basis.

Without using technical slang, Nike forgot to close their backdoor. You and I can't see this on the Nike or SNKRS app but computers at Nike stores across Europe do and can actually order through this backdoor, which ships straight from Nike’s warehouse.

At around 2.30 PM CET we received a tip from an insider about the April Skateboards x Nike Dunks dropping instore at Nike in Europe. We wanted to try this out for ourselves first before letting everyone who’s a Stashed member run to their Nike store for no reason.

A little before 4 PM CET, we revealed this to you (if you were a Stashed member) and highly suggested going to your local Nike store as soon as possible to place an order and to bring some people with you, as you could only order 1 pair per person.

It didn’t take long for success to start pouring in by Stashed members which seemed almost unbelievably endless. But it made sense with 2,500 pairs of inventory and only Stashed members knowing about this ‘glitch’. Nearly every member who wanted a pair got one. But there are also a bunch who took this opportunity to get as many pairs as possible and ended up with 10, or some even almost 15 pairs in total.

The story gets even crazier, because it’s cyber week, if you asked to apply one of the cyber week or Nike instore discounts you could get the Nike SB Dunk Low April Skateboards for only €90. For contrast, pairs are currently reselling on sneaker marketplaces like StockX for almost €300.

After 3 hours of this pair being available on a FCFS basis, all 2,500 pairs were sold out and ended up mostly in the hands of Stashed members. It was entirely possible for Nike to cancel ALL the orders but as of today on November 23rd, most orders have been shipped to the lucky people in the Stashed membership.

Less than 200 pairs are now left for the EU SNKRS app release on November 27th, making it the most limited and difficult SNKRS app release of this year BY FAR.

After speaking with multiple sources at Nike, it appears that Nike is aware of their mistake but is letting it slide. It’s unfair to those who didn’t know this took place and really wanted a pair but that’s the sneaker game...

It's exactly why we started the Stashed membership, we’re making copping hyped EU/UK sneaker releases easy again, because like yesterday proved, Nike seemingly doesn’t care about us sneakerheads.

Being a Stashed member guarantees you'll always be first to know about drops like this. Nobody even caught on until almost 2 hours after we announced it. Being first to know in the sneaker game puts you first in the massive line of everyone trying to get that pair for retail. It creates the difference between getting a W or seeing 'JUST MISSED 'EM'. 

To celebrate this massive success, we just restocked for the first time in 3 months. That means you can now join our community of 700+ EU/UK sneakerheads and collectors to experience what it's like to always be ahead of the rest!

You can become part of the Stashed membership experience and start seeing results today. Join us by clicking here.

Let us know below what you think Nike should have done. Should they have cancelled all our orders?

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