The surprise release on SNKRS Europe for the Military Blue Jordan 4s

The surprise release on SNKRS Europe for the Military Blue Jordan 4s

Edit: the Jordan 4 Military Blue is shock dropping tomorrow April 29th on the SNKRS app in Europe. Read on to find out how you can  secure your pair for retail tomorrow!

Although the official release date is May 4th, we're likely to see an early drop soon on SNKRS in Europe. It's your best chance to get a pair for retail due to the unprecedented demand. Want to be part of team retail? Here's what you NEED to know to get the Military Blue Jordan 4s without paying resell.

The Industrial/Military Blue Jordan 4 is one of the most produced Air Jordan 4s in a while with around 1,000,000 pairs made. Keep in mind that this is also one of the most hyped colorways, and most likely Sneaker Of The Year can expect them to sell out right away!

It sounds like a lot but let's talk about how many pairs are actually dropping in Europe.
Hint: you will be surprised.

That's right... Only a fraction of the total amount is set to drop in Europe and the UK. Let's talk about getting your pair without entering all the raffles and SNKRS app draw and only getting Ls and then having to pay much higher resell prices.

When are they releasing?

The official release date is set for May 4th, they'll be dropping at most Air Jordan retailers here in Europe and on the Nike SNKRS app. To confirm some retailers that will be receiving and selling this launch:

  • Patta, Amsterdam, Netherlands 🇳🇱 

  • Size?, London, United Kingdom 🇬🇧

  • Starcow, Paris, France 🇫🇷

  • Sneakersnstuff, Stockholm, Sweden 🇸🇪

  • Naked, Copenhagen, Denmark 🇩🇰 


You can expect most of these releases to be through a raffle where you're competing with 100,000+ other sneakerheads, but we're expecting an easier opportunity soon on SNKRS.

The Military Blue AJ4 Shock Drop on SNKRS Europe 

By far, your easiest shot at getting 1 or multiple pairs for retail will be with the early release by Nike on their SNKRS app. 

What makes them easy is the fact that they're NEVER announced before. That means competition is nowhere near as much as on release day. It's a case where if you're one of the first to know, you're almost guaranteed to get a W... and maybe even hookup your friends and/or family with this hyped release. Exclusive Access is also entirely possible and you'll be first to get notified about this and more in the Stashed discord.

How can I beat the competition and bypass paying resell prices?

A similar early release happened for the Jordan 4 Bred Reimagined that dropped in February. Nike dropped 'em early on the SNKRS app with no announcement, they were gone in no time. 

But hours before then, we already let you know what Nike was up to, what time they're dropping 'em and how many will be available in your size.

So by the time they were on the SNKRS app, you were already part of the first few in line. While others saw the surprise drop on social media, you were probably already buying a second or third pair to double up or maybe get one for a friend.

It gets crazier, Nike was running a 25% OFF promotion on that day and we showed you how you could apply it to the order you had already placed. If you followed our instructions, you could get your pair of Bred Jordan 4s for JUST €165!

That means we saved you almost €100 on each pair... while the membership costs less than a coffee a day.

In case there's an early drop for the Military Blues this or next week, you'll know before anyone else to be first in line as Stashed member. That's a promise!

You can join Stashed today and become part of the team who's always first in line to get a first class seat.

OR continue to miss out on these drops wondering why you never get a W and why the competition is always beating you.

Join Stashed for less than a coffee a day by clicking here

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I’d like to get the retro 4 military blue how can I ?

Lynell Renard

I’d like to get the The retro 4 military blue, how can I ?

Adolfo Malespin

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