Activating your Stashed membership 🔑

In order to start using your Stashed membership, you'll have to connect your discord account and activate your license key first.

Here are the 5 easy steps to get access (2 minutes) ⏱️

1. Copy your license key [example: 13fc8541-0b116-4617-77ba-1ed05ca51d8a]
2. Open your browser (chrome, safari, explorer etc.) and log into your discord account or create one if you don't have an account.
3. Head to 
4. Paste your license key and press enter
5 You should now have been automatically added to the Stashed membership discord server with the right access.

See a new discord server in your discord with the Stashed logo? That means you've made the cut ✅

Proceed to the Getting Started tab in the Stashed discord to personalize your experience!


Can't figure it out or getting an error? These are some of the common issues and their solutions

"I activated my license key but I don't see the Stashed discord server"
You may have activated your license key using another/different discord account. Contact us so we can reset your license key

"I'm getting an error trying to enter my license key"
Try again using an incognito page. If that still doesn't fix it, contact us.