COMING SOON: Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low OG 'Olive' 🌵

COMING SOON: Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low OG 'Olive' 🌵


Update April 24th:
Exclusive Access just loaded for SNKRS in Europe while the pair is still not visible on the 'upcoming' tab on the SNKRS app. This could mean 2 things. A) Some of you will receive early access to purchase a pair for retail tomorrow morning at 09:00 AM CET or B) we'll see a surprise drop such as a SNKRS CAM, STASH or SCRATCH at a random time. More info as to how to cop this surprise drop can be found below.

The biggest release so far this year and the final Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 release (yes, really) is set for April 26th. Here's what you need to know to get 'em for retail.

It's the most produced Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 yet with more than 150,000 pairs made. 

It sounds like a lot, you could almost call it a general release. But with the out of this world demand for a pair of Travis x Nike Jordans, it's going to feel like impossible to get just 1 pair for retail.

So even if this the most produced Travis AJ1 yet, the amount of pairs that will be dropping on SNKRS in Europe might surprise you.

Below, you'll find a visual of exactly how many pairs you can expect to drop.

(Exact stock numbers for each size will be available on launch day exclusively to Stashed members)

That means less than 30,000 pairs will be dropping on the SNKRS app on April 26th in Europe and that raises the question we've all been thinking about.

Will we see a surprise hunt soon?

For those who don't know what we're talking about, for some big releases and collabs, Nike hosts a special (First Come First Served) hunt on their SNKRS app named a CAM, STASH or SCRATCH. Like for the Corteiz x Nike Air Max 95

You'll need to scan a specific image, be in a specific location or need to find and scratch a specific image on the app to unlock access. If you're quick enough, you'll see GOT 'EM and if you're were too late, you'll see you 'JUST MISSED 'EM'. 

A SNKRS CAM was supposed to happen for the last Travis x Nike (Phantom) release but never happened. That makes this release the final one to possibly get a surprise hunt. No bots are able to enter a drop like this which means all pairs go to real sneakerheads and not bots!

Nike's been testing this very recently but that doesn't necessarily mean it'll happen. If it does happen, we'll know about the drop early and will keep you updated on our socials. As always, Stashed members are first to know about it, first in line and first to see 'GOT 'EM'. 

The Stashed membership opens April 25th at 2 PM CET for a limited time so you can become part of the community who are always first to know. 

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Bonjour j ai besoin des travis pour porté taille 45 eu

Rodrick Mukoko

Size 11 EU


How can i buy this in India
Or if i get your subscription will it work in India if not releasing in India ?

Ronit soneri

EU 41

Leonardo Alves

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