SNKRS SHOCK DROP: Powerpuff Girls x Nike SB Dunk Low

SNKRS SHOCK DROP: Powerpuff Girls x Nike SB Dunk Low

A surprise shock drop is expected to come soon on the (US/EU) SNKRS app for the Nike SB Dunk Low x Powerpuff Girls. We expect it to take place today, December 15th and it's your best chance to cop a pair for retail.

Want to be part of team-early and end up with a W for one of the most hyped Nike SB Dunk collabs of 2023? Here's what you need to know.

What to expect for the Powerpuff Girls x Nike SB Dunk Low Shock Drop?

It won't be a regular SNKRS app launch/draw where they reveal the drop a few days, or even weeks, before the release date. We expect this release to be exclusively available through this special shock drop called a SNKRS HUNT, either a SNKRS CAM or SCRATCH.

To refresh your memory: That's one of those releases where you have to solve a challenge to unlock first come first served (FCFS) based access.

What makes a surprise hunt great is that the competition is nowhere near as high as the SNKRS app draw. Even better, bots don't work. You'll only see real people get a W, and you could be one of them!

What's a SNKRS app HUNT and how does it work?

At a random time, a new page will appear on the SNKRS app feed, open it to unlock your SNKRS Camera. Point and aim your phone's camera at the correct image to unlock access. Be quick!
Click here to see our SNKRS CAM video

At a random time, a new page is added to the SNKRS app feed. Open it and find the right image to scratch. When you find it, scratch the image at the right place to unlock access to purchase the pair. 
Click here to see our SNKRS SCRATCH video

The hunt on the SNKRS app for the Powerpuff Girls x Nike Dunks sounds like an easy way to cop this pair for retail, but there's 1 downside... it will sell out quick!

We expect each colorway to drop at a seperate time in full family sizing. You probably won't receive a notification from Nike or the SNKRS app, or even if you do from your favorite sneaker page, pairs are probably sold out long ago. That means you have to pay resell prices.

We highly recommend being in a sneaker group/community that notifies you about drops like these. Around 14,000 pairs are up for grabs on SNKRS EU, you can find out how many per colorway below:

(If you want to join our free discord and get notified about drops like these, click here)

We've had many SNKRS app hunts in the past year and Stashed members have been able to cop an unbelievable amount of pairs this way. Here are some tips on how to get a W on the Powerpuff Girls SNKRS Hunt.

  • Right now, make sure you're ready. That means you've updated the app, setup your shipping and payment settings and have your personal size pre-selected. We recommend using Apple Pay during checkout, it allows you to checkout right away.
  • Make sure you're in the free Stashed discord and get real-time updates and notifications about this drop
  • Watch our video to see what a SNKRS HUNT looks like by clicking here

But if you're really serious about getting a pair, you need something better, you need to be way ahead of the masses looking to get the Powerpuff Girls x Nike collab for retail... You need the unfair advantage; knowing when the SNKRS HUNT starts, which image is required and what you need to scratch or scan in order to get your pair. 

That's how we've been so successful on recent drops like these. We let you know all of this before it's even published on the SNKRS app, announced by Nike or shared by your favorite sneaker pages. That's how we get results like the ones below for the Corteiz x Nike Air Max 95 SNKRS HUNT:


Being a Stashed member and knowing before anyone else is nearly always the difference between seeing GOT 'EM or the infamous 'JUST MISSED 'EM'.

The question is... are you ready to be part of the exclusive community that's always first in line and always ahead of the rest?

You can become a Stashed member for €29,95 p/m until Friday, December 15th at 4 PM CET by clicking here.

If you can show us you weren't ahead of everyone else after the drop, we'll send you a FULL REFUND. That's a promise.

Not becoming a member and seeing us repost countless of success stories and having to pay resell prices is at your own risk! 

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i want any colors but blue my first choice please


I need all


I need all


In a size 9.5 mens


I want any pair please


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