SNKRS RESTOCK: Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low 'Olive'

SNKRS RESTOCK: Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low 'Olive'

A second chance to cop the Travis Scott x Nike Air Jordan 1 Low on the SNKRS app! Did we get your attention yet? If so, keep reading to find out how you could get a pair of Olive's for retail.

The final Travis Scott AJ1 colorway 'Olive' appeared on the SNKRS app in Europe with a new date.
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Although the official release date was April 26th, the new date is set for next Wednesday, May 17th at 09:00 AM CET.

Last few weeks we've seen multiple 'Picks Of The Week' restocks of hyped releases such as Air Jordan 4s, 1s and 3s, this has been happening every wednesday for the last 3 weeks.

We expect the 'Olive' Travis AJ1 to be part of this weeks restock, which we expect to see at 09:00 AM CET.

How do you cop a pair?

With the info we currently have, here's what could happen:

In case you didn't know yet, Nike doesn't bother to send you a notification about any restocks or hunts on their SNKRS app. By the time you see Stashed members posting Ws, you probably already missed out meaning they're sold out and you'll have to pay crazy resell prices.

You'll get notified about shock drops, snkrs hunts, restocks and more in our free-to-join Stashed discord, thanks to our custom made SNKRS app monitor.

You will be first to know what and when it takes place as a Stashed member. That's how nearly all Stashed members who wanted a pair for the last SNKRS CAM got a W. You can join us and 1,000 EU/UK based sneakerheads now but don't wait to long. We will be closing May 19th!

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Need it

Bianca Ghergu

More Travis Scott trash lmao


i want those so bad im so hard


I love this shoes 👞 😍

Michele Haileloule

Hope I can get something nice

Lorenzo Moore

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