SNKRS HUNT: Corteiz x Nike Air Max 95 'Dark Grey and Aegean storm'

SNKRS HUNT: Corteiz x Nike Air Max 95 'Dark Grey and Aegean storm'

The final colorway of the Air Max 95 collab between Nike and Clint419's Corteiz Rules The World is set for April 15th.

Just like last release, we're expecting another surprise hunt drop on the SNKRS app in Europe that sells out in a matter of minutes. 

That and the release likely taking place on CRTZ.XYZ will be the only way to get this pair for retail. 

If you want to know how to cop the surprise drop, you'll need to know how the last release went:

It dropped on March 25th at 2 PM CET and started with a SNKRS STASH for London at Golden Square, Westway and Brockwell park.

For a STASH, you'll have to be at the right location to get access to purchase the product on the SNKRS app.

Once you're at the required location, open the page, let the app verify your location and you'll get access to the product page where you can select a size, shipping address and more (the typical SNKRS app checkout). View the video below to see how it works. It took about 30 minutes to be sold out.

corteiz snkrs app hunt

They also dropped later that day on the SNKRS app through a SNKRS SCRATCH, which was available to everyone in Europe.

It shock dropped on March 25th at 5.19 PM CET (4.19 PM UK) and sold out in a few minutes. After finding and scratching the right image (see video below) that unveils the shoe, you get access to the product page. If you were quick enough to purchase, you'll see the notorious GOT 'EM screen... and if you were too late, you'll see a massive JUST MISSED 'EM pop up.

(tap image above to view the video)

We expect something very similar to happen for the Corteiz x Nike Air Max 95 release next Saturday, April 15th on SNKRS EU. 

So how do you cop them for retail?

Simply said, knowing early is the difference between a W and an L!
Knowing exactly how they'll drop, at what time, possible locations and which image to scratch is KEY!

That’s the type of info you get access to as a Stashed member. For the last release, members had early info thanks to our Nike plug and custom monitors. We announced the London SNKRS STASH a day BEFORE and the SNKRS SCRATCH an hour BEFORE it even went live. Since we posted it before anyone else, nearly ALL active members had time to cop multiple pairs, which are now going for almost double the retail price.

You of course don't need to be part of the Stashed membership in order to cop this pair for retail BUT… having early info and access to our custom monitors puts you miles (in this case an hour) ahead of other sneakerheads trying to cop this pair. By the time the news hits social media, it’s probably long sold out and on StockX for almost double the retail price.

Only around 2,000 pairs will be available on the SNKRS app.

You can become a part of the Stashed membership on April 13th at 10:30 AM CET and become a part of the community who always knows first and first in line for limited sneaker releases in EU/UK.


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Why I didn’t get notify by SNKRS app to join the hunt I don’t know how this work

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Like them need them

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Very nice


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