SHOCK DROP: Picks Of The Week - Air Jordan 4

SHOCK DROP: Picks Of The Week - Air Jordan 4


Last week on April 26h, Nike shock dropped 8 pairs of Air Jordan 1s on the SNKRS app in Europe. A new page showed up called 'Picks Of The Week: Air Jordan 1' where you could enter the queue for a chance to cop a pair for retail.

Nike's idea was to load a separate page where you could enter the queue for all 8 pairs and hope to see the 'GOT 'EM' screen.

What ACTUALLY ended up happening was Nike loading the seperate page minutes after you could already actually buy the shoes using a SNKRS app link.

Try it out yourself (only works on your phone):

By the time you could see the page on your SNKRS app feed, most sizes were already copped by Stashed members who were already buying pairs before the page loaded. This once again showed Nike doesn't really care about their regular users who want a pair for retail. 

Today, we're expecting another shock drop, this time for a 'Picks Of The Week: Air Jordan 4'. 

We expecting 4 pairs of Air Jordan 4s to restock at 2 PM CET. 

You'll have access to early info as a Stashed member giving you the unfair advantage.

This includes access to the exact drop time, stock numbers, scheduled colorways to restock and custom SNKRS monitors.

Click here to see if the Stashed membership is available and become a part of the Stashed membership community.

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