SHOCK DROP COMING SOON: Travis Scott x Nike Jordan 1 Low 'Phantom Black'

SHOCK DROP COMING SOON: Travis Scott x Nike Jordan 1 Low 'Phantom Black'

A special drop is coming next week on the SNKRS app for Travis Scott x Nike fans in Europe! Here are the release details so you can cop your grail for retail.

The release date for the upcoming Air Jordan 1 Low OG is set for December 15th but users in Europe can also expect a SNKRS CAM.

It’s great news because you'll need to scan a specific image to gain access. Only after doing that, you get access to purchase the shoes, which is on a FCFS (first come, first served) basis.

That means bots are totally useless and real sneakerheads actually have a good chance of copping their grail!

So how does a SNKRS CAM work?

Let’s go back to the last one: the Patta x Nike Air Max 1 White (2022) SNKRS CAM.

The page went live on SNKRS right at noon on August 29th. You had to:

1. Open the page
2. Scroll down until you find the image that says "OPEN SNKRS CAM"
3. Tap the image to open your camera and find + scan  the correct image to unlock exclusive access.
4. Act quick! Pairs were limited so purchase ASAP to secure your grail.

Check our SNKRS CAM live cop on Youtube.

So how do you cop the Travis Scott x AJ1 Low 'Phantom Black' SNKRS CAM?

It will be dropping next week BEFORE the official release at a random time on SNKRS exclusively in the EU, so you'll have to check the app regularly.

Nike or the SNKRS app won't notify you which is unfortunate because it's a MUST if you're trying to cop this limited release. 

We will always notify you on our Instagram page as soon as it goes live but we will have notified Stashed members long before that, thanks to our SNKRS app monitor. It sends a notification to our users the second it drops!

As soon as the page is live, scroll down until you see the image below:

SNKRS CAM for the Travis Scott x AJ1 Low Phantom

The second and final thing you'll need is the correct image, you'll have to scan it to get access. No image, no access. There will be a hint on the page but it's usually somewhere in a city. This time, the image can be found in Milan IT close to their new Jordan flagship store!

Release details and knowing when the drop is are key to copping this SNKRS CAM. 

Like all previous surprise drops, we should have the right image, the surprise drop time and everything else available before it even goes live.

We provide all of this exclusively to Stashed members and it's the reason why they've been so successful for all the special SNKRS app drops. 

Don't believe us?

See how many SNKRS CAM Patta Air Max 1s were secured by Stashed members

The Stashed membership is restocking December 10th for the FINAL time until next year.

Click here to see if you have access to become a Stashed member.



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Good morning I wanna buy this pair

Shardwensly Aristil

Let me in been years 🤣🤣🤣

Jason simpson

Tell us more please


Is the picture released yet???


I will be happy to use this avenue to get what Big poppa is looking for.

Eric Jones

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