Dropping Early: Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low 'Canary'

Dropping Early: Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low 'Canary'

Edited: May 14th, 2024

The release date has been postponed until Saturday, May 25th. All information below has been updated.

We're revealing al the info Nike doesn't want you to know about the next Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low release. From how many pairs are dropping, the early release on the SNKRS app in Europe soon and how to ACTUALLY get them for retail instead of paying resell prics of €600+.

This is the 7th Travis Scott AJ1 Low colorway so by now you should know that this collab sells out right away and seems impossible to cop for retail. But how do all these people posting their W's get them besides insane LUCK?

During some of the most hyped releases, there's always opportunities where if you knew, and were quick enough, allowed you to cop on the SNKRS app or from a retailer. The truth is, most sneaker pages don't talk about or show it.

In this post, we're focusing exactly on those opportunities that will also be taking place for the Canary Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low that's dropping on May 25th. 

Because let's be honest, everyone already knows about all the raffles and the SNKRS app draw that seems impossible to win. 

How many pairs have been made?

Thanks to our sources at multiple retailers and Nike, we can see exactly how many pairs they have.

A total of around 150,000 pairs have been made for the Travis Scott x Nike Air Jordan 1 Low ‘Canary’.

It sounds like a lot but just wait until we tell you how many are dropping in Europe on the SNKRS app; only around 11,000 pairs.

How much is that compared to previous Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low releases?

The Canary Travis AJ1 is absolutely one of the most produced colorways yet, but with the growing demand for Travis Scott x Nike releases, will they be easier to get? Below, you’ll find an overview of roughly how many pairs have been made for each Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low release, including the ‘Canary’ colorway that’s dropping this week on May 25th.

The SNKRS Pass launch

Thanks to our insider sources, we also know that there’s going to be an exclusive SNKRS Pass release before release day at a random day.

A SNKRS Pass allows you to reserve a hyped and limited release in your preferred size for pickup at a local Nike Air Jordan flagship store. This SNKRS pass release is going to be exclusively available for the World of Flight Nike store in Milan, Italy. Quite a few pairs will be available through the SNKRS Pass this time, so don’t miss out!

Although SNKRS Passes are always on a random and unnanounced day, they usually drop between 09:00 - 10:00 CEST. We’ve already received the exact time and will send you a notification way before the reservation starts as well as exactly how many pairs are dropping in each size.

That’s how we put you ahead of the competition and how you can actually cop this grail for retail.

The Early Drop on the SNKRS app in Europe

We're also expecting an early release on the SNKRS app in Europe such as Exclusive Access or a Shock Drop. 

Whatever and whenever, thanks to our insider sources and because we’re monitoring everything, we’ll let you know about all of this before anyone else.

That’s the only real way to put yourself ahead of all other EU/UK sneakerheads and die-hard Travis Scott fans that all want this pair.

Besides the super lucky people, most W’s you’ll see this week are probably people who had this advantage, by using our inside info and because they knew about the drops early before the masses.

If you MUST HAVE this Travis Scott x AJ1 Low, you simply MUST HAVE the unfair advantage...

Being a Stashed member gets you access to all of this and puts you in the informed 1% that beats 99% of the competition.

We could see an early release or drop as early as tomorrow.

Are you going to be part of the 99% who miss out or join the 1,000 EU/UK based sneakerheads who know everything that’s taking place before it even happens?

Join Stashed and become part of the 1% that gets access to all the early info and opportunities to get this and other upcoming hyped releases for RETAIL.

Whatever and whenever, we’re monitoring everything and will notify you before anyone else. That’s a promise!

You can also join the Stashed discord and get updates for this and other upcoming releases.

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Yes it’s hard to get Travis Scott air Jordan’s 1s 4s . Hopefully some day I get a pair.

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