SNKRS DAY takes place every year and gives EU / UK sneakerheads like you the opportunity to purchase sold out limited releases OR early access to upcoming heat. What exactly is dropping on SNKRS DAY 2023 and how can you actually get a W? Here's everything you need to know!

What is SNKRS DAY?

The SNKRS app is Nike's special app for limited and hyped releases. It first arrived in Europe and the UK on August 8th, 2017 and every year since, Nike celebrates their anniversary by restocking some of last year's most hyped releases and collabs. Some of the best restocks during SNKRS DAY have been:
- Off White x Nike Air Jordan 1 'UNC' (2018)
- Nike Air Max 97/1 x 'Sean Wotherspoon' (2018)
- Nike Air Jordan 4 'Canyon Purple' (2022)
- Nike Air Jordan 1 'Not For Resale' (2019)
- Nike SB Dunk Low x Ben & Jerry's 'Chunky Dunky' (2020)
- Off White x Nike Dunk Low 'Pine Green' (2020)
and many more...

This year, it's taking place globally on September 9th instead of August 8th like all previous years. This means SNKRS DAY is no longer exclusively taking place in Europe but also in North America and Asia. Thanks to our insider info, we know exactly what and when it's dropping, so let's reveal what's dropping this year and how you can get your favourite sold out pair for retail!

What's dropping on SNKRS DAY 2023?

09:00 - Air Max 1 '86 'World Make Korea'
10:30 - Air Jordan 1 Low 'World Make Japan'
12:30 - Dunk Low 'Vintage Navy'
14:00 - Air Max Plus 'Pure Platinum'
15:00 - Air Footscape 'Natural and Brown'
15:30 - Dunk Low 'University Red'
[CLASSIFIED] - Air Jordan 4 'Red Cement'

More pairs are expected to drop but aren't confirmed yet, we'll update you in the Stashed discord. You can join here.

Besides the regular SNKRS app launches, you should also expect to see one of more special drop(s) which are known as a SNKRS HUNT. This is a special drop where you have to complete a challenge to unlock access. You have to BE in a specific location, SCAN or SCRATCH a specific image to unlock access.

We all know that getting a W on the SNKRS app is difficult and feels unfair but if you're quick enough, a SNKRS HUNT is quite easy as there's a lot less competition and NO BOTS! 

How does a SNKRS HUNT work?

There are 3 types of hunts

At a random time, a new page will appear on the SNKRS app feed, open it to unlock your SNKRS Camera. Point and aim your phone's camera at the correct image to unlock access. Be quick!
Click here to see our SNKRS CAM video

Again at a random time, a STASH image is added to the SNKRS app feed. Open it to receive a hint about the STASH location, go there as quickly as possible. Once you've made it there, grant the SNKRS app access to your location and unlock access to get your W.
Click here to see our SNKRS STASH guide

Again at a random time, a new page is added to the SNKRS app feed. Open it and find the right image to scratch. When you found it, scratch off the entire image to unlock access to purchase the pair. 
Click here to see our SNKRS SCRATCH video

Update: September 6th, 2023 at 19:25

It appears that the special drop taking place this year is a SNKRS pass for 3 different pairs. A SNKRS Pass is a reservation system that requires you to pickup your pair in-store. 

It's entirely possible we end up seeing a second special drop on September 9th but this is unconfirmed at the moment. Stay tuned to our social media pages and turn on post notifications for more info.

How to cop a pair on SNKRS DAY 2023

The interesting releases are likely to drop at an unannounced time and Nike usually doesn't send you a notification for this. We highly recommend joining the (free) Stashed discord where you'll receive a notification on your phone as soon as something gets added to the SNKRS app or shock drops.

The Stashed discord is the second best place to be for SNKRS DAY; it's our free-to-join community with 7,000 EU/UK sneakerheads and who get access to our early info that puts you a step ahead of the rest.

Another good tip is to make sure your Nike SNKRS account is setup with a payment method, preferred size, shipping address and everything else so you can check out as soon as they shock drop a pair.

But BY FAR the best place to be during SNKRS DAY to get one or more pairs for retail is the Stashed membership. As a member, you're always a massive step ahead of the rest which nearly always means you're first in line to secure your W(s). 

Like every year since we started in 2019, you get the early info on surprise drops on SNKRS EU way before any sneaker page or even Nike themselves announce it. This gives you the unfair advantage and puts you first in line in a world with millions of sneakerheads all trying to get a release for retail.

We're on a mission to to level the playing field and make copping limited EU/UK sneaker releases easy again!

So as always, all the info regarding the surprise drops on SNKRS DAY will be exclusively available to you as a Stashed member. 

You can join them right now until September 8th. You snooze, you lose!

Join the nearly 1,000 EU/UK sneakerheads, collectors and resellers in the Stashed membership

 Comment below which pair(s) you hope to see restock this year's SNKRS DAY!

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